Making The Switch To An Electric Vehicle

February 7th, 2024 by

Setting The Standard For Fully-Electric Vehicles

As more automakers, like Nissan, are adding interesting, well-equipped electric vehicles (EVs)to their lineups, more drivers are making the switch away from gas-powered models. Before switching to an electric vehicle, it’s important to understand how driving one will affect your daily commute. Electric vehicles have many money-saving and environmentally friendly benefits, and drivers who make the switch enjoy their new mode of transportation.

When you visit Wesley Chapel Nissan near Zephyrhills, our team will help you understand how the benefits of electric vehicles will enhance your lifestyle.

Why Make The Switch To An EV

Wesley Chapel Nissan near Pebble Creek carries the innovative ARIYA and the trend-setting Nissan Leaf. These two fully electric vehicles include easy-to-charge battery technology, regenerative braking, and fewer moving parts. These EVs are easy to charge with a public DC fast charger or an at-home Level 2 charging system.

With your Nissan EV, you’ll never have to fill up with gas, but you will have to plan for charging stops or charge overnight. The ARIYA electric motor delivers between 200 and 300 miles of range, while the Leaf has between 150 and 210 miles of range. If you drive around Wesley Chapel, you won’t have to charge often – maybe once per week overnight. But, if you plan to travel out of town with your EV, you’ll need to plan your trip to charge when necessary.

Stopping at charging stations is the biggest difference between driving an EV and a vehicle with a combustion engine. Charging stations continue to open all over the country, but they aren’t at a saturation level comparable to gas stations – yet.

Benefits Of Driving An EV

Despite the learning curve involved in charging a battery electric vehicle (BEV), driving an EV comes with several benefits. The top benefit is no longer using fossil fuels, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Another benefit of buying an electric car is reduced maintenance costs. EVs have fewer moving parts than gas-powered vehicles, so you’ll have fewer components to repair and maintain. EVs never need oil changes or transmission repairs.

Charging an EV is easier than most people think. The Nissan ARIYA easily charges overnight with an at-home Level 2 charger. You can also fill the electric battery with a DC fast charger in about 40 minutes. These speedy chargers are often located at big-box grocery stores, so it’s easy to charge your EV while you fill your grocery cart.

An EV charge is less expensive than fuel costs for a gas-powered vehicle, but drivers must change their mindset about using electricity rather than gasoline. It’s less expensive to charge at home overnight when rates are lower, rather than charging during peak hours when rates are higher.

Explore The Electric Lineup At Wesley Chapel Nissan In Wesley Chapel, FL

Buying an EV isn’t for everyone, but for those who are interested, the team at Wesley Chapel Nissan can introduce you to the attractive, innovative, and fun-to-drive ARIYA and Leaf. Our innovative EVs have the latest safety features, high-tech infotainment systems, and spacious interiors. Our team can arrange a test driver, and we’re confident you’ll appreciate the quiet ride, the instant torque, the tax incentives, and the lower maintenance costs.

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