How To Keep Your Nissan Running Like New

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Keep Your Nissan In Its Best Shape

Your Nissan is an incredible machine that’s designed to retain the performance, reliability, and fuel economy that you expect. However, your Nissan will need a little tender love and care to offer you the best owner’s experience.

At Wesley Chapel Nissan, we feature a certified Nissan Service Center that offers all of the expert service that your vehicle will ever need. Not only do we offer the best Nissan maintenance services in Wesley Chapel, FL! Come with us as we share our favorite tips on how to keep your Nissan running like new, and find out why drivers in Wesley Chapel, Pebble Creek, and Land O’Lakes, FL trust us for all of their Nissan’s service needs.

Ways To Keep Your Vehicle Running Like New

Here are our top three tips to keep your Nissan in its best shape:

Break in Period is Important If you buy your Nissan brand new, the first 1,000 miles are important. As with any new engine, the break in process is like a conditioning period for your engine. This foundational act lets the internal components of your engine fit well with each other and offer longevity. For the first 1,000 miles, go gently on your engine – it’ll thank you with reliability.

Go Easy on Your Nissan Harsh acceleration, towing beyond your vehicle’s limits, and or even driving on harsh roads can negatively affect your vehicle’s reliability. Driving your Nissan gently helps to extend the life of your vehicle while optimizing its fuel economy, reliability, and performance.

Stay on Top of Your Oil Changes Of all of the Nissan maintenance services that you can perform on your vehicle, your oil change is the most important. Your oil protects the most vital components of your engine, but over time, it loses these protective, cooling, and lubricating properties, which is why it needs to be changed. Result oil changes will help maximize the life of your engine, while helping it maintain its intended fuel economy, performance, and reliability.

Stick To Your Service Schedule

Your Nissan’s maintenance schedule is designed to keep your vehicle in peak mechanical condition. This service schedule can be found in your owner’s manual and will list all of the milestones and Nissan maintenance services that your vehicle will need.

While your Nissan’s exact service needs will vary depending on your own driving habits, this service schedule can act as your guide to understanding your vehicle’s service needs.

If you have any specific questions about your Nissan’s maintenance schedule, contact one of our Service Advisors today! We’ll be glad to provide our best advice!

Trust Wesley Chapel Nissan To Keep Your Nissan Running Like New

At Wesley Chapel Nissan, we provide the most qualified Nissan service in Wesley Chapel, FL! Each of our technicians is factory trained and certified, and we use genuine Nissan replacement parts to keep your vehicle in its best shape.

Striving to offer you the best service at competitive prices, we even feature incredible service specials to help you save big!

Whether you drive an older Nissan Altima, or a brand new Nissan Pathfinder, our technicians are here to keep your Nissan in perfect shape! Schedule service today!

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