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In-Vehicle And App-Based Security, Safety, And Vehicle Information

Again and again, Nissan shoppers have been asking us to clarify a simple question. What is NissanConnect? Currently available in many 2020 and 2021 Nissan models and trims with a 3-year trial, this is a cloud-based data service Nissan offers to its buyers. This service provides a wealth of digital features that you can operate and access directly through the NissanConnect Services app. These include (but are not limited to): keyless entry, premium navigation, hands-free calling, accident notifications, and vehicle information.

Contact us today to get a personal walk-through and showing of this new Nissan data service. If you’re a current Nissan owner with a vehicle that’s capable, we can help you get your services set up and take you step-by-step through the setup, operations, and features available with your NissanConnect services.

Key NissanConnect Features

When you purchase a vehicle that offers NissanConnect, such as the 2021 Nissan Altima or 2021 Nissan Leaf, the company will give you a 3-year trial to the service. After setting up NissanConnect, you can access its long list of cloud-based information services and other options.

The NissanConnect service allows you to:

  • Locate your car anywhere using geolocation services
  • Research and store destination points for navigation
  • Remotely lock or unlock your doors
  • Remotely start or stop your engine
  • Pair with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for navigation and music services
  • Implement geofencing and receive vehicle movement warnings
  • Receive maintenance alerts, such as low tire pressure, engine warnings, and more
  • Broadcast Wi-Fi from your vehicle
  • Receive Traffic Alerts through SiriusXM Traffic
  • Get door-to-door hands-free navigation

That’s just the beginning of the features available through this service. This service has features that any driver will find helpful on or off the road.

Go All-In With Alexa And Google

Nissan takes this service to the next level by giving you access through your Alexa-enabled devices. Start your engine, unlock your doors, turn on your lights, get gas levels, and more, by adding the requisite Alexa skill. Then, just ask Alexa to perform these actions for you. You can control your NissanConnect services from Alexa-enabled wearable devices, such as smartwatches or smart glasses like the Echo Frames.

You can also enhance this service using Google’s Send to Car. With Send to Car, you can send your desired destination to your vehicle before you leave. Your Nissan will receive and then download the directions once you start your vehicle.

Additionally, NissanConnect allows you to perform voice searches on Google. This feature makes it possible to locate points of interest that you can then add to your map as you drive, and in real-time.

Get Started With NissanConnect

Registration is simple. After purchasing a vehicle with NissanConnect capability, create a MyNissan account using your vehicle’s VIN number. Then, download the NissanConnect Services app and log into your account. You’ll be ready to go, with vehicle information, keyless entry, hands-free calling, music streaming, and location-based services ready to go.

Contact us today to learn more about NissanConnect and vehicle models and trims that are ready to go for the NissanConnect service. Take a test drive of any Nissan model that offers NissanConnect to get the full experience of this unique service.

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