Switching To An EV: What You Need To Know

February 7th, 2024 by

Making The Switch To Electric: What To Expect

Considering making the switch to an electric vehicle? After all, it’s easy to say goodbye to gas station stops and oil changes but you’ll also want to prepare for a few changes in the way you’ll cruise. No need to worry though, as we’re here to walk you through some of the biggest transitions to help you command an EV day one like a pro. Get started today by visiting Wesley Chapel Nissan near Odessa, FL, and test driving your favorite Nissan Electric vehicles.

Is Range REALLY An Issue? And What About Charging?

When making the jump to an EV, the first thought to likely come to mind involves range—and if it’s ever an issue. However, you can answer this question with another question—how often do you travel more than 200 miles in a single trip? Models like the 2023 Nissan LEAF can travel up to EPA-estimated 212 miles on a single charge, which is all you’ll need for commuting around the Wesley Chapel, FL, area or making a few round trips to Tampa throughout the week.

When it’s time to recharge, you have a few options—the easiest is a wall charger, which you set up at home and let your ride charge overnight. When you wake up in the morning your vehicle is typically charged to a full battery. But what about when your battery runs low on the go (or you need to top off your battery in less than an hour)? DC Fast Charging is another option, where you hook into a public charging port and typically recover around 80% of your battery in a half hour or so—perfect for giving you a chance to grab a few groceries or pull out your phone and stream your favorite sitcom.

How’s The Ride: Is It Different From A Gas Model?

Take command of an EV, and the cruising experience feels different from a gas model—but that’s not a bad thing. For starters, electric models have instant torque, which helps you experience a zippy ride—especially in the 2023 LEAF, where you can bolt to city speeds rapidly to help you make yellow lights in time or help you safely make a left turn at a busy intersection. Also, you’ll notice there’s no clutch and the gearbox is usually a single speed, which helps you not feel a jerking sensation when you speed up. However, if you know how to drive a gas model, you’re ready to command an EV.

Your EV Awaits: Begin Near Odessa, FL

Ready to transition to an electric car or SUV? Head to Nissan of Wesley Chapel and test drive the Nissan LEAF or pre-order your Nissan ARIYA. We’re also here to answer your EV questions, such as helping you explore electric motors or assisting you in finding a driving range that fits your daily needs—and that’s only the start of how we can step up for you.

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