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What Do I Do if My Check Engine Light Turns On?

What Is a Check Engine Light?

It’s hard not to panic when your car’s check engine light comes on, as most drivers interpret this event as a foreshadowing of major repairs. Drivers that encounter a check engine light can be dealing with minor issues or major ones. The Service Center team at Wesley Chapel Nissan can help with check engine light service.

The more technical term for a car’s check engine light is the malfunction indicator lamp. It’s essential to know that the check engine light is a signal from the vehicle’s engine computer that something is off. Your car’s engine computer is able to make these diagnoses by accessing your powertrain every time you switch on your ignition.

Check engine lights come in yellow, amber, and orange colors. Your car’s check engine light color will depend on the vehicle’s manufacturer.

Have you ever encountered a flashing check engine light? These flashes indicate that there’s a more severe problem at hand while solid check engine lights are less of a hazard.

Did you know that a loose fuel cap might trigger a check engine light? Loose gas caps can result in your car’s engine computer communicating a leak in the vehicle’s vapor recovery system.

Let’s jump right into the benefits of evaluating your check engine light.

Benefits of Checking Your Engine Light

It’s easy to block out that pesky check engine light mentally. The problem with overlooking these alerts is that they may lead to costly repairs that could have been avoided.

Are you looking for some extra motivation that will help you address your check engine light on time? It’s helpful to recognize that you need your check engine light to be off to pass a state vehicle inspection. While check engine lights indicate powertrain issues, you’ll need professional diagnostic work to understand the exact problem that needs solving.

Many drivers fear that service departments will charge for unnecessary repairs. You can alleviate these fears by purchasing a check engine code reader that helps you corroborate a technician’s findings with your evaluation.

Ways to Switch off Your Check Engine Light

Don’t stress if your check engine light hasn’t gone out right after any repairs or gas cap adjustments. You’ll need to wait for the light to switch off after adjustments have been made.

You might run into an instance where your check engine light remains on for a prolonged period, even after you’ve made necessary repairs. If you’re sure that everything in your vehicle is running smoothly, you can try out some techniques that may help this light disappear.

One simple strategy that might result in the disappearance of this light is turning your car’s engine on and off three times.

Disconnecting and reconnecting your car battery is a second possible solution that’s slightly more involved. OBD code readers are a third remedy that allows you to clear your engine’s codes.

Check Your Engine Light at Wesley Chapel Nissan

Wesley Chapel Nissan’s Service Center is here to provide you with effective solutions that help you know and address your check engine light’s reasons for being active. Be sure to use our dealership’s online service scheduler to set your next service appointment the easy way.

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